March 2022 - Stefano Boeri remembers the Renzo Bergamo exhibition at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan

On the occasion of the exhibition \"The Art of Physics from Luigi Russolo to Renzo Bergamo\" at Palazzo Vescovile di Portogruaro inaugurated on March 12 and closed on July 3, 2022 - An unusual exhibition, a real sensory experience that immersed the visitor among the over 90 works by Renzo Bergamo, in a path of lights and videos to tell the artistic story of the well-known painter from Portogruaro.
A path that highlighted the link between the fellow futurist composer Luigi Russolo and the artist, researcher of a new language between science and pictorial art.

The exhibition spread throughout the territory, starting from its main seat in Palazzo Vescovile, proposing an exhibition itinerary that involved the Municipality of Portogruaro, the Russolo Theater and the “Space Mazzini” exhibition space.

With this initiative, organized by the Eastern Venice Tourist District in close collaboration with the Municipality, the City of Portogruaro celebrates the return of its illustrious son, Renzo Bergamo, after a long and happy career as an artist that saw him among the protagonists of the last fifty years of art history, with the exhibition of his works from the United States to Europe.