13 marzo 2014
Aesthetic of Chaos - Order and Immagination
4 Aprile - 11 Maggio 2014
Officina delle Zattere - Venezia
Exibition curated by Valerio Dehò

"Renzo Bergamo has always shown, that is literally
made clear, the visible relationship between chaos as
a force driving ideas and novelty and the creativity of
the knowledgeable artist.
His ‘Aesthetics of Chaos’, developed above all in the last ten years of the 20th century, is a paradigm of the relationship between art and science, the synthesis of an incessant reection on the forces of the cosmos and those of the artist.
Not only was Bergamo capable of producing a cohesive, coherent cycle of works, but he also wanted to permeate the intensity of Chaos as a vital current, a conflict of form and substance, an infinite return of difference.
The artist’s vision is an answer that unies the macro and microcosm under the sign of the Will. It is not possible for Art and science not to assume responsibility. They must go further than the normal ‘solution of problems’. Can abstract art manage all of this? The reply is positive when we consider the artistic quality of Bergamo’s work and also his desire to give to his paintings a dierent meaning to the one than is usually given, that is simply a pleasant accessory of the world. It is interesting to consider Bergamo’s capacity of synthesis concerning the role of the artist in society and also in the world.
We are not passive subjects; man can modify the universe beginning with himself. We must avoid the seduction of representation, the lies of seeing, in order to create an image of Chaos that is, in some way, linked to an eventual order. Bergamo represents these processes, reveals the rules of the game in a conceptual synthesis of artistic language and scientic theory without hierarchies or subordinations.It is no coincidence that Aesthetics and Ethics live together in the same word because there is a constant reminder of a sort of order of beauty."