12 marzo 2022
The art of Physics from Luigi Russolo to Renzo Bergamo

From 12 March and until 3 July, the Palazzo Vescovile di Portogruaro, with the exhibition The Art of Physics - from Luigi Russolo to Renzo Bergamo, is preparing to offer a truly unique experience to a large audience, proposing in a formula absolutely original, through immersive and multi-sensorial paths with audio and video, the reading of the great monographic work of Bergamo of which more than 90 works will be on display...
13 marzo 2014
Aesthetic of Chaos - Order and Immagination
4 Aprile - 11 Maggio 2014
Officina delle Zattere - Venezia
Exibition curated by Valerio Dehò

"Renzo Bergamo has always shown, that is literally
made clear, the visible relationship between chaos as
a force driving ideas and novelty and the creativity of
the knowledgeable artist.
His ‘Aesthetics of Chaos’, developed above all in the last ten years of the 20th century, is a paradigm of the relationship between art and science, the synthesis of an incessant reection on the forces of the cosmos and those of the artist...
22 aprile 2013
Great success for the exhibition visits RENZO BERGAMO "Atom-Light-Energy"
16,253 visitors from 16 January to 31 March 2013
Castello Sforzesco - Sale Panoramiche - Milan

31 March 2013 ended the exhibition Atom- Light- Energy" , dedicated to Renzo Bergamo (1934-2004) and set up in Sale Panoramiche of the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, which attracted over 16,250 visitors in just over two months, a truly remarkable achievement if we consider the decline in visits to museums found in Italy in recent times...
15 marzo 2013
Castello Sforzesco | Sale Panoramiche | Piazza Castello | Milano

From January 16, 2013 is open to the public, in the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, Light Atom Energy exhibition, which brings together fifty-five paintings by Renzo Bergamo (1934 – 2004) to more than thirty years after its last show in Milan and before its final abandonment of the public.
Given the large number of visitors – more than 11,000 visitors so far – the view is extended to March 31, 2013...
26 novembre 2010
Catalogue of some of the paintings (1950 -2004) of Renzo Bergamo

During this month of November, the Association "Renzo Bergamo per l'Arte e per la Scienza" has released a collection of Renzo Bergamo's works, selected among the most significant generations of the complex pictorial career of the artist.
The choice hasn't been easy to make; we have had to renounce many of his works, since his eclectic production is so multifaceted both for contents and for methods.
25 ottobre 2007

Festival della Scienza di Genova

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