"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do". Gandhi

The nature of a concept.
At the beginning the term �Association� � in its usual meaning � seemed to be too technical a word for an emotion-driven project based on the sake of Art and Science and developed for the sake of a man who dedicated his life to this enticing combination.

The idea comes from the passion for and the need to establish a dialogue between two areas of the mind � rationality and creativeness � and the need to gather people aiming at comparing and experimenting with different languages, new shapes, techniques and ways of expressing art and science.

By the term �Association� we mean an environment which is open to new ideas, a meeting place for discussion, a workshop of projects in progress, a set of opportunities and contacts, passions and talents that spotlight the Art of the third millennium.
So, the "places" inhabited by Renzo Bergamo live on and become richer. We need to retrieve that vision of the future that all great Scientists and great Artists have always had.

Caterina Arancio Bergamo
Vice President
Massimo Piazza
Camillo Sessa
Roberto Piazza

Scientific committee
Prof. Philosophy of Science
Giulio Giorello
Prof. "Theory of the decisions rations them and of the games" Faculty of design and Arts of University IUAV Venice
Simona Morini
Head of Public Outreach & Education Office Milano - INAF Astronomical Observatory Brera
Stefano Sandrelli

Board of directors
Caterina Arancio Bergamo
Massimo Piazza
Giovanni Bellaviti
Giovanna Bagna